Biodefense for the 21st Century

The terrorism events of 9/11 have resulted in a need to train students in biohazardous threat agents and emerging infectious diseases. The threat of smallpox, anthrax, SARS, pandemic flu, MERS, Polio, and monkey pox underscore the need for the development of educational initiatives. Furthermore, these initiatives, coupled with the need to more fully understand biological and chemical threat agents must be addressed as well. 

The Biohazardous Threat Agents and Emerging Infectious Diseases offers two educational programs, a 30-credit MS program, and a 12-credit online certificate program. Both programs focus on biohazardous agents and emerging infectious diseases facing the world community; whether such threats occur naturally or are purposefully designed. Global communication and transportation systems have evolved to a point where communicable diseases can rapidly disseminate around the world.