Georgetown University Master of Science in Biohazardous Threat Agents and Emerging Infectious Diseases

Held weekly in the Fall, the Biodefense Seminar Series invites subject experts and policy makers from various government agencies to talk about current and critical issues in the field of biodefense and emerging infectious diseases. These seminars are coordinated by Dr. Michael Bray and held every Wednesday in Room NE 301 in the Medical Dental Building, and are open to all students at Georgetown. A full schedule of semesters can be found below. 

MICB-551: 2015 Fall Semester Seminar Series 

Wednesdays from 11:45-1:15pm 

Room NE 301, Medical-Dental Building                                                                  Final Program 26 Aug 15

Date  Topic Lecturer Affiliation


History of biowarfare and bioterrorism Seth Carus National Defense University 
16-Sep Bioforensics Randy Murch Former FBI Laboratory,
Virginia Tech
23-Sep Federal response to disasters;
FEMA transformation
Chad Gorman Federal Emergency
Management Agency
30-Sep Community Resilience Jeff Stiefel Department of Homeland Security
7-Oct National response to emerging
disease outbreaks
George Korch Department of Health and Human Services
14-Oct The national intelligence
community and biodefense
Norm Kahn CIA
21-Oct The FBI and biodefense Ed You Federal Bureau of
28-Oct Developing and testing new Ebola drugs in BSL-4 containment 

Travis Warren
Amy Shurtleff 

4-Nov Biowatch Mike Walter Department of Homeland
11-Nov Tabletop exercises and
simulations: Atlantic Storm
Jennifer Nuzzo Center for Biosecurity of UPMC
18-Nov Biosecurity in the 21st Century Andy Weber Former Assistant Secretary
of Defense for NCB
25-Nov  Thanksgiving--no class    
2-Dec  Biodefense:where do we go from here? Dave Franz Former commander, USAMRIID

Mike Bray