Certificate Requirements

Students are required to complete of 12 credit hours for the certificate program, including 1 required courses and 3 elective courses. All courses are online and are 3 credits each.

Full-time students typically complete the certificate in 2 semesters. Part-time students can elect to take 1 course per semester and complete the certificate in 4-6 semesters. Example Course Schedules are available.

You can find course descriptions on the Department of Microbiology & Immunology Course Descriptions page.


☐ 1 Required Course (3 credits)

☐ 3 Electives (9 credits)

Online Required Course

CBTA 6515: Microbiology of Biological Threat Agents & Emerging Infectious Diseases
3 credits (online) | Fall or Spring Semester
Fall Instructors: Mike Bray & Tomoko Y. Steen
Spring Instructors: Kavita Berger & Tomoko Y. Steen

Online Elective Courses

CBTA 6517: Bioterrorism
3 credits | Spring Semester
Course Instructor: William Daddio

CBTA 6525: Homeland Security
3 credits | Spring Semester
Course Instructor: Neal Pollard

CBTA 6566: Preparedness, Response, & Capacity to CBRNE Threats 
3 credits | Spring Semester
Course Instructor: Shane Kappler

CBTA 6595: Community Resilience
3 credits | Fall Semester
Course Instructors: Jeff Stiefel & Paula Scalingi