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The Biohazardous Threat Agents & Infectious Diseases (BHTA) is one of the three Master’s programs offered under the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. Students have access to all the Biomedical Graduate Education student resources. Resources include 1-on-1 career coaching, professional memberships, mentorship program, seminars, academic assistance, and many other resources to enrich your academic experience. This program follows the academic rules and guidelines established in the Graduate School Bulletin.

Students are encouraged to participate in the Global Health Initiative at Georgetown University to engage in global-health related activities and interdisciplinary research.

For incoming Fall 2020 MS BHTA students, please review this “How to Get Started” PDF package to prepare you for the incoming semester. Please be sure to also visit our “New Student” checklist, which is shared on our Department website.

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Biodefense Seminar Series

Attend talks given experts and policy makers from various government agencies.

Biodefense Seminar Series

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Dahlgren Memorial Library’s Guide

Explore Dahlgren Memorial Library’s guide to infectious diseases and biohazard research resources.

Dahlgren Memorial Library’s Guide

2020 Student Cohort

Meet our amazing 2020 Student Cohort! Learn about their background, career and academic interests, and hobbies.

Aggie Serrame

“My advice is to the current M.S. students is to know your worth. A lot of the young professionals, myself included, tend to undermine our talents when in reality, we are worth more than what we think. When applying for future careers, you will never find your dream job in your 20’s. But always look at life in a positive but realistic way and know that you will always start from something small and then work your way up.”

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