Student Profiles

sally huang

Sally Huang

“Located in Washington D.C., I know I can rely on my education being up to date with the latest news and policies to influence what and how I learn.”

John O'Brien

John O’Brien

“John also received news that his project submission was accepted for the USDA/ABSA biosecurity and biosafety symposium in February.” John c…

Joanne Ocamop

Joanne Michelle Fernandez Ocampo

A solid education along with sound technical experience, matched with effective leadership and a compassionate heart are all good things that can help facilitate a fruitful career in this field.”

Rebecca Law

Rebecca Law

“During her time at START, she worked on this project on a rad/nuke horizon scan, red-teaming, and threat assessments for the Unconventional Weapons and Technology department (UWT). “

Katherine Delaveris

Katherine A. Delaveris

“Don’t be afraid to talk about your passion for homeland security or genetic engineering of a pathogen for vaccine development; whatever it may be.”