BHTA Presents at Global Health Conference

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Two photos of presenters at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health conference

“Riding Waves of COVID-19 in Asia and Russia”

Consortium of Universities for Global Health Annual Conference | March 8, 2024 | Los Angeles

In 2021, the global study group the East Asian STM Working Group, led by Georgetown Biohaz Director Dr. Tomoko Steen, established a specialized team called “Riding Waves of COVID-19 in Asia and Russia.” The initiative aimed to expand research areas throughout Asia, including Russia, to examine how leaders in each country used science and data for decision-making and policymaking during the pandemic. The interdisciplinary project involved scientists from various fields, such as epidemiology, statistics, genetics, public health, sociology, history of medicine, economics, ethics, and cultural studies. Their analysis of the scientific basis of pandemics has helped them understand how Asian cultural, political, and historical factors influenced navigating pandemic challenges.

The working group’s CUGH panel on March 8 focused on Vietnam, Japan, and Russia, and discussed vaccine management as part of the overall pandemic preparedness and response. We identified ways to improve vaccine development, such as managing patents and adopting strategies for the equitable and effective distribution of vaccines, for future health emergencies.